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West End Arts Festival

West End Arts Festival, Stone Avenue Metra train station, LaGrange, IL

The Lady T Trio performs once again for the West Ends Arts Festival - The 26th annual West End Arts Festival returns to La Grange 10 & 11 September 2022. It features the talents of dozens of fine artists from across the Midwest plus live jazz, artists-at-work, live culinary demonstrations by local chefs and engaging activities for everyone in the family. The event is held in the shadow of the landmark Stone Avenue Metra train station. Convenient free parking is available in the commuter lot on Brainard at Burlington.

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If you haven't heard this incredibly talented trio before make sure you take advantage of this opportunity. Lady T is internationally celebrated for her voice and presentation for good reason (The Patch).    

Jazz vocalist and bandleader, Lady T/Toscanellie Marcelain features the songs of the hottest years of vocal jazz. Known to her international listeners as the “American Lady with a lot of jazz to give,” T. has been a representative for America’s jazz at international and cultural jazz events in Europe, East  Africa, West Africa and the former Soviet Union. Dedicated to the preservation and perpetuation of America’s jazz, she is an active mentor, clinician and resource for the jazz community, emphasizing opportunities for young and new jazz listeners, vocalists and musicians. Every April she is an associate for the observance of “Jazz  Appreciation Month” on behalf of the Smithsonian Institution and “International Jazz Day” organized by UNESCO. “Lady T.” is a terrific performer with a super personality! She possesses a distinctly intimate and memorable vocal style, superb musicianship, and a super personality. “Lady T.” is someone every jazz lover should know!

Recordings: "T" for Three - Speak Low - The Lady T Trio - Lady T Live at Ciao Bella for Jazz Appreciation Month - Bringing Back Some Basics - 

Email to ladyt@ladytjazz.net. Mail to Lady T at Post Office Box 1424, North Riverside, IL 60546.

(Photos by Ralph Nudo)