Lady T is internationally celebrated for her voice and presentation for good reason! Her international listeners fondly labeled her 'the American lady with a lot of jazz to give!'”

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Toscanellie is an independent artist and bandleader with a very diverse, extensive and exciting professional background. T. has traveled to and lived in many countries sharing America's jazz music, history and contributing to the local cultures. T. has performed locally and nationally at many popular jazz venues and events more than once - like the Chicago Jazz Festival, and the Hyde Park Jazz Festival. She has held many prominent performance residencies at home and abroad. As Manager of the Bass Line Jazz Club in Accra, Ghana, T. featured performances by musicians along the Ivory Coast, Great Britain and South Africa. She created the first-ever Jazz Festival in Lusaka, Zambia. Lady T is a “Best of the Best” performer for the Illinois Public Library Association, selected annually since 2008.  She annually contributes to the celebration of America’s jazz every April as part of the Smithsonian Institution “Jazz Appreciation Month” as well as the UNESCO-sponsored “International Jazz Day” that is a global effort for cultural unity and jazz. Lady T. is truly dedicated to the perpetuation and preservation of America’s jazz. A terrific performer with a super voice, and a super personality, she is someone every jazz lover should know! 


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